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Written by Colin Brassington (aka Brash)   
Tuesday, 07 March 2017 19:58

It's an odd feeling I have right now. The 180SX has been advertised for sale, the culmination of nearly 6 months of threatening to do so. I made the decision in August last year that the car would be advertised early in the new year. And after a quick detail and a service I've finally initiated the process.


I've not had a great track record with selling cars. The only car I've ever successfully sold was my first one, and even then one wouldn't really call that a successful sale - I advertised it for six months, then the boyfriend of my then-mother in law bought it. At a severely discounted price I might add. One of those 'better to take less and get it out of my parents' yard now' type propositions.

People who knew me back then would remember that I constantly toyed with the idea of selling it. That little AE90 Corolla was the subject of more ideas regarding its disposal than I will ever remember. Actually I recently found that car, living out its final days in a wrecking yard. There didn't look to be a huge amount of crash damage so I presume there was a mechanical issue that proved terminal. But it doesn't worry me, once I signed the disposal slip and deposited the money I figured it was no longer my car to worry about.

And it's that point that I suppose I'm struggling with here. A mate suggested I not advertise the car on the local skid sales pages as he thinks there's a fair chance that my hard work will end up in a gutter, tree or wall at the hands of someone who fancies themselves as the next Keiichi Tsuchiya. (Google it if you don’t recognise the name) And while on the surface I would still agree that I've signed the disposal and banked the money so it's their car, it would disappoint me greatly to see that happen.

And I don't know why. It's not as though it's a really nice car. It's only marginally too nice to turn into a race car. And in reality I've not done that because it's simply too slow to be a race car, and don't want to spend the mega dollars required to get it there. It's certainly not what you'd call "nice". I describe the condition as 'good for a 180' which, anybody who looks at 180s knows that translates as 'she's a bit rough'. But the condition of a 180 are on a different scale to a normal car, thanks in part to the large number of terribly trashy 180s.

Now I'm also in a relatively unique position regarding the sale itself. You see I want to sell the car, but I'm not desperate. I haven't spent my rent money or mortgage payment on car stuff. My missus isn't pregnant, I'm not selling it to go overseas and I'm not planning on using the money raised from the sale for a house. Or any of the usual reasons why people sell cars like this. In fact, while I really want to do something else, if I can't get what I want for the car then I won't sell it. If it doesn't sell I'll spend a few dollars making it nicer for me to live with.

They say 'never meet your heroes' and that is certainly true in this case. As a teenager a 180SX was just about my dream car, and the vision was always to fit some awesome period tri-spoke rims. And now after many months of work, she is exactly how I always envisioned my 180SX being. But while the basics are there, the car is also to the point where it doesn't quite function as I wish it would.

I explained this ad infinitum here, where I discussed the concept of the daily driver.

My cost no object car at the moment would be a mid to late-80s Porsche 911. A fixed roof coupe, with the widebody rear guards. I would keep it looking period correct, so no later model bumpers or wings, and I would build the engine, brakes and suspension to roughly Porsche Cup specs of the period. This would make it a perfect car for me to take to the tracks for my weekend motorsport activities a few times a year. But it would also be a great car for me to take somewhere on a nice Sunday drive. Pack a small esky and a picnic blanket, strap the lady in and cruise over to McLaren Vale and have lunch on the lawn at a winery for example.

Except cost is an object. It's somewhat the defining object when it comes to what I'm going to do next.

People ask me what I want to buy next. And I honestly don't know. There's a bunch of cars that I would really like, but don't want to spend enough to buy. An S15 for example would be a great upgrade, and would nearly complete my holy trinity of Nissan S-Chassis ownership. But you can't get a decent S15 for what I'm planning on spending, and selling one shitty Nissan to buy another kinda defeats the purpose of this whole exercise. I still love the idea of a FD3S RX-7, but again I'm not going to spend what a good one is worth, so it defeats the purpose.

Somebody has already offered me a straight swap for a Mazda RX8. And while I've always kinda liked the look of an RX8, I'm not selling a car with somewhat suspect reliability to buy one with a reputation for suspect reliability.

Reliability is something that I've never really considered before. I've always taken for granted that you decide your going somewhere, you pick up your keys and unlock the car, and you go. Nissan ownership has taught me that this isn't always the case. Though none of them have ever left me “stranded" as such, there have been more than enough occasions when I've missed events because the car wasn't running. Actually, scrap that. Betty Boost, the dearly departed white S14 stopped 200m from home once, when the bracket that holds the clutch pedal to the master cylinder failed. Does the car breaking and stopping 200m down the hill on the street I live count? Even if it is such a minute failure?

It's the old conundrum of I don't need to drive the car every day, but it needs to be available every day I need to drive the car. None of this i can drive it this weekend if I fit the diff but i need to find a diff because I don't know if the one that I just removed works... and so on. Ask me how I know this sucks.

Either that or I need a second car that works. One that I also love driving. That's not a bad idea...

Anyway, I promised that I wouldn't wax lyrical about what I was going to buy next, mainly because I've done that so many times on these pages.

In the weeks it's been advertised, I've been offered a multitude of swaps. Swaps wasn't something I had considered, and I thought that leaving it out of the ad altogether would give that impression, but I guess I was wrong. Now if they offers something interesting I'd happily jump on it. However so far I have been offered:
-VY SS Commodore ute, automatic
-VY SS Commodore sedan, automatic
-VX SS Commodore sedan, automatic
-VS HSV Maloo, automatic
-BA XR6 Falcon, non turbo, manual
-Mazda RX-8

Now despite none of these cars really being on my list of things that I would look for upon selling the Nissan, I genuinely would have considered most of these had they been equipped with a proper clutch shifted manual gearbox.

One guy has come to see it, he turned up with a mint looking Evo V, and promptly told me my photos made the car look better than it was. Thanks man, I think? Either way, I can tell he didn't zoom in on the pics, as you can see the dents and scratches if you zoom in.

I've also had a couple offers of half my asking price. Because apparently that what people do these days. Oh well.

So we shall see what the gods of car sales have for me in the next few weeks. If it hasn't sold by the time entries close for the next MSCA Super Sprint I'll enter that - no sense in not enjoying the thing while I've still got it. And if it hasn't sold by my birthday, it will be time to seriously consider just how much I want to offload the thing.

But time, as they say, will tell.



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