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What Goes Around Comes Around PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colin Brassington (aka Brash)   
Monday, 20 July 2015 17:18

It was a tough 7 weeks, but I got there. And while the fight with the insurance company is still not finalised, it was finalised enough to start looking for cars again. And instantly came up with the age-old question of exactly what I was looking for.


And as much as I hated driving the Prelude again, it has served it’s purpose as reliable transport. The first weekend I drove it again was just like the old days when I first bought it. A flood of happy memories came back, of good times, great people and all the places that Maggie and I had been together. Although this is part of the issue, as this particular car is practically the only link I have to my old married life. In early 2013, that whole chapter of my life closed; I even moved across the country to ensure it was so. But then I needed a car, and the Prelude was there.

Forza Jules...RIP PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colin Brassington (aka Brash)   
Sunday, 19 July 2015 17:20

A few days ago, Marussia Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi succumbed to the injurues he sustained during last year's Japanese F1 Grand Prix at Suzuka.

Image borrowed from Autosport.com without their permission

Whlie the circumstances were tragic, and so much of the report and inquest into the incident suggests that the incident was avoidable, it doesn't make it any easier.

I never met Jules. But many of those who did are saddened by his passing. AUTOSPORT's F1 man Edd Straw did, and wrote this touching biography just after the news broke.

Click through to AUTOSPORT to read a story on why Jules could've been the next big thing in F1.

May he Rest in Peace

Driving the Prelude Again. Or is that Still..? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colin Brassington (aka Brash)   
Monday, 06 July 2015 17:50

It’s now 9 weeks since the Silvia was so rudely taken from me. In that time I have been quite comprehensively screwed by the insurance provider (who shall remain nameless for now due to an ongoing dispute with them regarding the payout) and driving my Prelude. And the funniest thing has happened. But first, let’s rewind a sec.

Prelude HMAS Whyalla

Electric Racer Wins at Pikes Peak! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colin Brassington (aka Brash)   
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 17:23

So while I've been fairly lax with proper updates (turns out I hate driving my Honda for the same reasons I hated it 3 years ago - oh well) some pretty awesome things have happened in international motorsport. Like Rhys Millen winning the Pikes Peak hillclimb with an electric prototype. Here's a video I found taken from Rhys' right shoulder. Listen to the speed, without engine noise...it's kinda odd.

Rhys drove the eO PP03 prototype to a winning time of 9m 07.222 seconds for the outright win. Sure it's a minute slower than Loeb's mental Pug but he did this with an electric car. Because remember, they aren't meant to be fast!

Millen headed what ended up an EV 1-2 sucker punch to internal combustion, with Monster Tajima 25.179 seconds further back in his own electric prototype, the e-Runner.

So...Ford Return to LeMans..?! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colin Brassington (aka Brash)   
Monday, 15 June 2015 17:19

With the weekend just gone playing host to the 83rd running of the 24 Heures duMans, it was a fitting time for Ford to announce theire return.

Ford, who came and conquered in 1966. Then again in 1967, 68 and 69. The story of Henry Ford II and how he turned being snubbed by Enzo Ferrari into what was effectively a cost-no-object chase for victory is the stuff of legend. And the starring role in that story, is of course the Ford GT40 - a car supposedly named for it's height of 40-inches above floor level.

Unfortunately there's no sound, but this is some enjoyable video from the 1966 race.


Anyway, back to the reason for this post. Ford have announced that they're heading back to LeMans, with this proper racer in the GT category. While the video looks like it was made entirely in GranTurismo (which wouldn't be such a bad thing...) there's enough excitement in here for anyone who is even slightly interested in sports car racing.

And while the purists are shouting that it's not a real GT40 sucessor because it has a turbocharged V6 and not a firebreathing V8, I can excuse that. I mean, the boosted six cylinder will make better power and have much better fuel economy than a highly strung V8 ever could. Not to mention, race cars had little (if any) roll cages, open face helmets and and glass windscreens back then too, so a few movements from the traditional are surely acceptable.


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