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Motorsport, Cars and Adelaide

The Brash Australian is a 31 year old South Australian. Colin was once married, but when he and his wife split up he packed his stuff, quit his job and moved halfway across the country. These days, he spends his time working in an industry he is passionate about. He hangs out with his mates, enjoys a drink or two, plays with cars and chases girls. Some would say he's living the dream, he prefers to think of it as living happily ever after.


As a small child, Colin was obsessed with machines that had wheels and engines. Didn't matter whether it was a car, truck, plane, motorbike or a boat on a trailer he would be all over it. And of course his parents encouraged this by taking him to local motorsport events and car shows. Getting older he became more observant and quickly began to notice the subtle differences between a special edition car and the 'normal' one parked next to it.

Now well into adulthood, Colin is passionate about motorsports, as well as driving in general. He closely follows drag racing competition all around the world, as well as Time Attack, Formula 1 and the World Endurance Championship. He is involved in Australian drag racing at various levels and participates in track days, drag racing, motorkhana, gymkhana and hillclimb events as often as he can.

Colin describes himself as a car nut, and as such isn't fanatically aligned to one make or type of car. He has owned a mildly modified Honda Prelude for over 10 years because that was what he wanted at the time, and over its lifetime that car has been a show car, a race car, an audo demo car, a daily driver and been driven across the country; and a Nissan 180SX that seems to spend more time in the shed than on the road. The 180SX is aimed at track days and other motorsport activities, but despite its impracticality will also remain daily driven...for now... He also owns an HZ Holden ute which is an ongoing project.


Please keep in mind that unless stated otherwise all posted opinions or comments are those of the Brash one himself, and not of any person, affiliate or company that he works with or for. Occasionally he borrows a punchline, but only when it's convenient. Remember that this is a sarcastic smart arse Australian doing what sarcastic smart arse Australians do best - poking fun at things. 

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