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GranTurismo in Real Life? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colin Brassington (aka Brash)   
Thursday, 31 August 2017 18:17

If you grew up in Australia in the late 90s, you'll know that the original GranTurismo on the original Sony Play Station was the first that most of us saw of the plethora of Japanese sports cars that would flood the country over the next ten or so years. It was the first time that things like the Nissan GT-R, Mitsubishi 3000GT and Toyota Celica GT-FOUR really became known. Sure, we all remember the R32 dominating Bathurst in 1991 and 92, and the Celica was winning rounds of the World Rally Championship, but these were still outside what the mainstream would have seen. 

Anyway, check this out. This is Japanese magazine Best Motoring's 1996 shootout. And it looks a lot like GranTurismo but in live action...

Test Drive - Brash's 180SX PDF Print E-mail
Test Drive
Written by Colin Brassington (aka Brash)   
Thursday, 17 August 2017 18:08

You all know that I drive my 180SX everywhere, but what's it like to live with? Well I started this story last year just after I completed the suspension and brake upgrade; but decided I would focus more on the works than the finished product.


Now, with the car having been sold, I thought I'd finish this (read: edit it) to remind me what I loved about it in the first place. Enjoy!

This will be fun. You are about to take my Nissan for a test drive. Lucky you! Not many have driven this car, a KPS13 chassis 180SX powered by the legendary SR20DET and backed by a 5 speed manual transmission. This example is slightly warmed over but not massively so, retaining the stock turbo, ECU and boost levels. The focus of the build has been suspension and brakes first, power later. So what are you waiting for? Beep the damn thing unlocked and open the door!

The ambers flash all around the car, reflecting off the walls around. The door lock clicks open with a mechanical flunk, and you grab the door handle - a traditional top-swinging one - and pull open the door. The door creaks as it moves around its arc, the door hinges having sagged just a little bit in the 25 or so years the car has been on the road.

The Economy of Sales PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colin Brassington (aka Brash)   
Monday, 26 June 2017 21:57

It's tough selling a car in this economy. Wait, is it really the economy's fault? Well people blame everything else on it so why not. (Fuck you, Rudd Gillard Swan Abbot Hockey ScoMo!) And while I didn't expect my 180SX to sell straight away, I did expect that I'd have a bit more interest than I have had. I also didn't expect the sheer number of time wasters that I've had to deal with.


The first person who came to look at it met me near home, took one walk around the car and decided he didn't want it. And that's fair enough. Yes my thing is a bit rough, but it's relative - describing the condition as being "good for a 180" means something completely different to "good condition". But the Evo V he turned up in was in better than mint condition, so I figure his standards were high.

To Crowdfund or Not To Crowdfund? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colin Brassington (aka Brash)   
Sunday, 18 June 2017 21:29

Maybe it's just me but there appears to be a large increase in Go-Fund-Me type crowdfunding websites. And they certainly are not without their purpose.

Random burnt out Holden Ute. Not the one I'm complaining about. Image from Google, claim if yours

A mate of mine often buys into tech project start-ups. One he bought recently was for a new type of scuba diving breathing apparatus, and if the company made enough money on their crowdfunding they would send anyone who donated above a certain amount the product. 'I've been waiting for someone to build one of these for years!' he said about it, shortly before adding that he needed to stay away from tech start-up crowdfunding websites. I also know people in the US and A who have been struck down by cancer, and found themselves woefully underinsured through no real fault of their own; and these sorts of pages provide an easy way for friends, relatives and casual acquaintances to donate to the cause. So absolutely, crowdfunding has its place.

Is a 2-State Solution the Best Thing for Australian Drag Racing? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Colin Brassington (aka Brash)   
Wednesday, 14 June 2017 21:09

Some confusing media releases popped up in the last couple of weeks regarding the upcoming season of Australian drag racing. As explained on DragNews Australia in much more detail, a pair of announcements that really should have been good news were poorly received because they were so badly written.

Image borrowed from DNA / Cackling Pipes without permission

It's approaching two years since Australian drag racing entered its darkest hour. And for those who love our sport, it has been a very long hour. The war between ANDRA and the big tracks has claimed many casualties, the first of which was a true National series. Though a lot of good equipment was sold off cheap by disgruntled racers, and so many of the remaining racers stepped up. Silver linings and small wins I suppose...


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